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Our teaching principles

Like anyone, each of our instructors has their own experience and personality. What is unique must not be confined to narrow frames, and the freedom of each person — including instructors — is important to us. Each student is also unique, so each lesson’s content is tailored specifically to the individual’s needs. Our approach is guided by the basic learning principles outlined here:

Joy and Dedication in Teaching

Learning languages takes time, so we focus not only on achieving excellent results, but also on enjoying the path to the goal. When lessons are fun, the student is easily motivated, which improves acquisition.


We believe that monotony and uniformity are a real drag on the learning process. We value variety! You can see this in our activities and methods, in our lesson topics, in the very development of skills in different languages, etc. We “dive into” a language’s depth and splendor.


A plan and structure are needed to target and successfully achieve objectives.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), adopted by the Council of Europe, provides an opportunity for both teacher and student to set short-term and long-term learning objectives and progress benchmarks.

How Do We Provide It?

Our Centre of Excellence in Language Acquisition and Teaching (CELAT) regularly hosts lectures, seminars, and experimental lessons for both teachers and language-learners.

We also support teachers by developing and providing teaching materials. In order to ensure high quality instruction, we regularly solicit feedback both from teachers and language-learners, because we know that successful teamwork ensures wild success.