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Individual Language Courses

Individuālie valodu kursi

House of Languages also offers one-on-one language instruction. Private courses are an excellent opportunity to learn your chosen language quickly and qualitatively.

Courses may be taken:

  • In-person: at House of Languages, Avotu iela 33, Riga
  • Distance: using our learning platfom Oratastic, video conferencing via the web (Skype, Zoom, other options)

You can study the following languages with us:


How to arrange a one-on-one course

The course begins with a course agreement. The main terms of the agreement are as follows:


  • The client pays the cost of one month’s worth of lessons in advance.
  • Studies may begin once the payment has been received in full.
  • Any necessary equipment (e.g., computers and software) is the responsibility of the student.
  • The fee includes the cost of the course materials used in the lessons (e.g., course books, work sheets etc.), but it does not include the cost of any additional learning aids.

Responsibilities and Rights of House of Languages

  • House of Languages is responsible for the provision of a high-quality and timely study program, for the provision of teachers, and for protecting copyright.
  • The course will only be led by another instructor with the prior consent of the client.
  • House of Languages is responsible for informing the client in good time about what will happen during the course, including by providing information on changes in the course and providing the information necessary to enable the client to receive the lessons.
  • House of Languages is entitled to break the agreement if the client grossly violates the norms of decency or poses a threat to the service providers.

The Client’s Responsibilities and Rights

  • If due to health, accident, or another justifiable reason the client temporarily refrains from participating in the course, the Parties shall agree to suspend or terminate the contract.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the quality of the course, he is to warn House of Languages of this. If the client’s dissatisfaction continues for an additional two lessons, House of Languages — after the client has completed the feedback form — shall reimburse the client for the amount corresponding to the cost of the untaught lesson hours.
  • If House of Languages cannot begin the course within 30 days after the client has paid for it, the client has the right to recover the amount paid within 14 calendar days. In such a case, the Parties may also agree on other compensation arrangements.
  • If after the course begins an interruption in the lessons lasting 30 calendar days or more occurs, the client shall be entitled to a refund of the prorated amount paid for the untaught lesson hours.