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About us

We create new opportunities through language. In our everyday work, we explore and teach language in a broad, interdisciplinary way, identifying the political, psychological, and aesthetic importance of language.

Our mission:

To enact positive change through language.

Pozitīvas pārmaiņas caur valodu

Our values:

  1. Openness.
    Openness to ideas, diversity of people, other viewpoints, specialists from other fields.
  2. Empowerment.
    Facilitating people’s quest to make a better life for themselves and others.
  3. Zest.
    The unexpected, the courage to be different.

Directions of Development



The Centre of Excellence in Language Acquisition and Teaching (CELAT) implements the mission of House of Languages to bring about a positive change in society through language, by bringing together language teachers and language lovers.

In creating CELAT, House of Languages and its collaborators aim to find and develop ways to make language learning and acquisition easier and more exciting. It is particularly easy if one’s language-learning companion (the instructor) is an expert who knows how to create stimulating, engaging lessons which effectively structure the learning process. CELAT regularly hosts lectures, seminars, and creative lessons at House of Languages for those who learn languages as well as those who teach them.

Language Learning

At House of Languages, we contribute excellence to language instruction and offer a variety of language courses. We are developing also online courses in our platform Oratastic. Courses develop all those involved: language learners, instructors, and creators of methodological materials.

The most important principles in this process are:

  • Joy in learning, because this motivates and improves acquisition.
  • Variety in course lesson activities, content, and approach.
  • A systemic approach involving all aspects of language proficiency.

Support for Businesses

Our language courses for your office will both strengthen your company’s skill set and build team spirit. Improved language skills empower workers and give them added confidence to perform their duties and contribute to the workplace.

House of Languages also does language testing and translating and helps to prepare digital and printed materials in different languages.


House of Languages develops, produces and issues language-learning tools and materials in print and digital form.

In addition, we publish book translations as well as authentic literature. We publish books that encourage new ideas, visions, and models of action to help understand and transform ourselves, culture, and society. With books, we can ask uncomfortable questions and offer alternative solutions.

Valodu muzejs

Language Museum

House of Languages plans to create the first language museum in Latvia by 2030. This museum will explore the role that language plays in our lives and in our society.

Exhibitions, experiments, events and promotions will allow visitors to explore the multi-layered interaction of languages within other cultures and social spheres. In the museum, everyone will be invited to see in a new light themselves, the people around them, and humanity as a whole from a new, language-oriented perspective.

For the time being, we have a “mini-museum” at House of Languages.

A Place for Language-Lovers

Since 2018, language has had its own space in Riga — House of Languages! All are welcome to enjoy our cosy space at Avotu iela 33—a place where the joy of learning languages makes centre stage.

House of Languages has an extraordinary language library with tons of linguistics and learning acquisition books and vintage books on many different topics. You are welcome to visit us to learn about rare languages or to buy books written in Armenian or some interesting Norwegian textbook.

We are proud to offer our own publications and cultural goods as well. We also offer those given to us by our friends.

House of Languages

The Avoti neighbourhood

House of Languages is located in the Avoti neighbourhood — in the heart of Riga. We are quite proud to be Avotians. We are currently bringing vitality to Avoti with street art, cultural goods, and unique events. We see Avoti as being open and friendly to both Avotians and to visitors.

Avotu apkaime - Rīgas sirds