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Language Museum Association

Today, a mini-exhibition is put on display at House of Languages as our plans and activities focus on the project future!


Language Museum Association is a non-governmental organization that brings together enthusiastic specialists and other interested parties from the field who believe that language can precipitate a change in society. Our main lines of action are:

Valodu muzejs
  • Developing the first language museum in Latvia.
  • Creating a think tank. Our think tank will examine societal issues from the perspective of the interaction of policy and language. We want to raise public awareness of language use and to highlight the value of language acquisition and mastery.
  • Developing Centre of Excellence in Language Acquisition and Teaching (CELAT). The aim of the centre will be to encourage a positive change in society through language and to provide a common pathway for teachers and students in the world of language education.
  • In-person or online public events: debate and conversation clubs developing literacy or language enhancement as well as writing workshops.

Members of the society will regularly receive information on store and publishing news, as well as a 10% discount on everything sold at House of Languages.

The annual membership fee is 15 EUR per year.

Language Museum Society works in close coordination with House of Languages and is guided by its main pillars: openness, empowerment, and zest. If you’re willing to get involved or support us, we gladly await your visit!

Language Museum

Why Language Museum?

Because we want to encourage language discoveries, changes, and new perspectives. That is why we will create the first language museum in Latvia by 2030.

The foundational values of the museum have been declared in the Manifesto of Language Museum.

To support Language Museum and its growth, become a member of Language Museum Association by completing the following questionnaire:

See you at a meeting of our association!
Biedrība “Valodu muzejs”
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