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Our projects

House of Languages attracts both national and international funding for its projects. Each project is a small step towards our greatest aspirations!

Thus far we have completed five projects and are implementing three more:

Exhibition on Latgalian and Nynorsk: cooperation and experience creating modern digital solutions

Funded by Fund for Bilateral Relations of the EEA and Norway grants 2014-2021

The expected result is the establishment of a long-term partnership between the organizations in Norway and Latvia. This partnership will have a practical output – collectively created and exchanged digital exhibition between the cooperating partners. The cooperation will be continued through working seminars and visits, and common research and development work.

The textbook “Latgalīšu volūda suociejim” (Latgalian for Beginners)

Funded in part by State Culture Capital Foundation, Latvian State Forests, and the Latgale Region Development Agency within the framework of the Latgale Cultural Program 2020

A modern, communication-oriented textbook. This book will help you get started with Latgalian. Instruction languages: Latvian, Russian, and English.

Latgaliešu valodas mācību grāmata

An online platform for instructors teaching Norwegian pronunciation

Funded in part by Nordplus

An online platform that will help to learn Norwegian pronunciation by means of multisensory learning methods. This will be an excellent tool for Norwegian language instructors. Platform will be located in our learning materials website Oratastic.

The project will be implemented by February 2022