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What’s even more fun!

On December 8 and 9, 2022, representatives from the University of Oslo and the University of Tartu visited House of Languages to work together on a unique project aimed at developing an online platform for Norwegian grammar teachers with a multisensory method to teach it in an exciting and fun way. The application-based approach of cognitive linguistics is used as the theoretical basis of the method. The platform will consist of texts, visual and audio-visual material, where gestures, body movements and various activities will be available to use in the lessons.

What's even more fun!

During the seminar, representatives of House of Languages Snorre Karkkonen Svensson, Marta Roķe and Alise Birnbauma, as well as Victor Hansen from the University of Oslo and Øyvind Rangøy, Antonina Kostin and Adele Vaks from the University of Tartu developed the structure of the platform and analysed the experience of a previous project, during which an online platform for Norwegian pronunciation was developed. One of the main goals of the seminar was to meet with language teachers and hear their experiences and ideas on how to diversify grammar teaching. The meeting turned out to be a warm, fun and mutually enriching event that helped to define more clearly the components of the method. Swedish teacher Håkan Asp, who participated in the seminar, said: “Thank you for the event! It was lovely, educational and emphasized the importance of having fun when learning languages. It was hard for me to fall asleep after because I immediately started planning my lessons.” English, Norwegian and Spanish teacher Marina Kudriavtseva also thanked us for the positive and exciting evening. “I went home inspired and even studied some language at 10 PM. This inspiration will truly last!”

Linguist and the author of the project idea, Snorre Karkkonen Svensson, gave a lecture to the teachers about how grammar can be taught differently. At the end of the seminar, in order to stimulate the senses and diversify the seminar experience, representatives and partners of House of Languages went to see a ballet performance.

Work on the project will continue till the end of September 2023. Other seminars are also planned, the next of which will be held in Estonia in the spring of 2023.

The project “Online platform for teachers of Norwegian grammar” is implemented with the financial support of Nordplus Nordic Languages 2021 in cooperation with the University of Tartu and the University of Oslo.

More about the project here: Online platform for teachers of Norwegian grammar.

The information was prepared by:
Elīna Kokareviča,
Project Manager