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Not everyone knows that the Swedish language is a national language in two countries — both Sweden and Finland (where 5% speak it as a first language). The autonomous Åland Islands area is also Swedish-speaking. Swedish is one of the languages that traditionally has been spoken in the Baltic States: from the Middle Ages to World War II, Estonia had a Swedish-speaking minority.

Learning Swedish will make it easier for you to understand Norwegian and, with a little more effort, Danish as well. One of the nicest Swedish words is lagom, which means “neither too much nor too little.”

Zviedru valoda
  • Native Speakers of Swedish: 10 million
  • Other Speakers of Swedish: 3.2 million


Iveta Zosēna

Iveta Zosēna

Language taught:

Swedish (A1–B2)

Auxiliary languages:

English, Latvian, Russian


Swedish language studies in Sweden, Applied Swedish-Language Instructor at House of Languages

Methods offered:

In-person instruction at House of Languages in Riga

distance education via online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, similar programs)

About Iveta:

Iveta can be found in the woods, racing furiously forward alongside her dog. Devoted to literature, she is an active member and permanent fixture of the Scandinavian Book...

Club at House of Languages.

Her relationship with Sweden and the Swedish language began long ago when she earned her master’s degree in business management at Stockholm University. Iveta worked as a Latvian-Swedish translator for a while before taking a leading position as a financial auditor working for large companies in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia.

You might think she’s not a typical language teacher — why would someone with a job like that also teach language?

Iveta is not only interested in financial reports, Iveta is also interested in people. Her greatest motivation as a teacher is to provide teaching tools to develop students personally and professionally. Her work as a teacher is assisted by her long-term experience in leadership. She has learned that people achieve great things when they know what to do and how to work and cooperate. It is not enough for Iveta to merely provide lessons and get her students to learn while in her classroom; she also wants to help her students practice and achieve independence in the learning process.

One standard lesson is 45 minutes long. Longer lessons are also possible. The longer the lesson or length of series, the greater the discount!