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Norwegian Course for learners with some previous knowledge

From 24 October

Starting from 24 October, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, at 18:00-19:45 o’clock, House of Languages is organizing onsite Norwegian courses for learners with some previous knowledge, giving you the opportunity not only to learn the language but also get to know Norway better.

The course includes a lesson “Language through cooking” in collaboration with Dita Lase.

Norvēģu valodas kursi


  • 235,00 EUR (including VAT) for 16 lessons (i.e., 32 academic hours).
  • Early Bird Discount – 210,00 EUR (including VAT) if you pay the full amount upfront by 7 August.
  • Additional 5% discount for students, people with disabilities, and members of the “Valodu muzejs” association.

We are offering access to NorFon – an online Norwegian pronunciation course free of charge!

In order to apply for the course, write to by 16 October. The lessons will be held in the House of Languages, Avotu Street 33, Riga.