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Multisensory activities in Pärnu

On 26-28 April, 2023, the project partners from House of Languages, the University of Tartu and the University of Oslo gathered for the second face-to-face workshop which happened during the implementation of the project “Online platform for teachers of Norwegian grammar”.

Multisensory activities in  Pärnu

Together with participants from House of Languages, Snorre Karkkonen Svensson, Marta Roķe and Alise Birnbauma, Victor Hansen from the University of Oslo and Øyvind Rangøy, Antonina Kostina and Adele Vaks from the University of Tartu this workshop was attended by the Norwegian language teacher Vera Syrovatskaya from the language school Alfaskolen in Norway, who uses cognitive linguistics in practice.

The Estonian resort town of Pärnu was chosen as the meeting place for the workshop, because it offered a sensory-stimulating environment, where, disconnecting from everyday work, ideas arose and productive work was carried out so that Norwegian language teachers will have access to a multi-sensory method for teaching Norwegian language grammar online already in the fall of this year.

The multisensory method provides a variety of stimulating and exciting ways to teach grammar easily. In this workshop, we evaluated and processed materials already prepared, including, for example, the grammar poetry performed by Øyvind Rangøy which was a very exciting demonstration. Additionally, while going for a walk to the sea in pairs, we developed a sign language to be used in grammar teaching lessons. At the end of the workshop, we planned the remaining work until the next workshop, which will take place already in June in Oslo, involving Norwegian language teachers as a focus group to check how the developed materials work in practice.

Work on the project will continue till the end of September 2023.

Projekts “Tiešsaistes platforma pasniedzējiem norvēģu valodas gramatikas pasniegšanai” tiek īstenots ar Nordplus Nordic Languages 2021 finansiālu atbalstu sadarbībā ar Tartu Universitāti un Oslo Universitāti.

More about the project here: Online platform for teachers of Norwegian grammar.

The information was prepared by:
Marta Roķe,
Project Representative