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Italian stereotypes. A brief history of an imaginary country


Due to the Italian Language Week which is celebrated every year in the third week of October, House of Languages invites you to think, speak and learn more about the Italian language, culture, and country itself! Join our first event of this week – the lecture “Italian stereotypes. A brief history of an imaginary country” by Giulio Lo Bello.

The lecture will deal with the classic stereotypes usually linked to Italian culture and how those elements are still consistent in the collective imagination, especially outside the country. The audience will get a chance to see how much Italy is still faithful to these aspects of its “identity” and what has changed in our perception. The lecture will be held in English.

19th October, 2022
6-7:30 PM
Avotu Str 33, Riga

Entrance: free.

Giulio Lo Bello is the director of the Italian Language and Culture Study Centre at the University of Latvia. He is also a researcher and lecturer with a focus on linguistics and the history of Italian literature and art. He regularly collaborates as a language consultant for Italian book selection and translation.