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These days, you won’t get far in the world without knowing English.

Come to think of it, you can say the English language is an example of how much can be achieved without being perfect — you’d need to search a long time for another grammar so diverse and unusual. It also reflects some of the language’s other characteristics: for example, English has been influenced by many other languages, including French, the Scandinavian languages, and Latin. Who knows? Maybe it’s thanks to this openness English has become so important.

  • Native Speakers of English: 370 million
  • Other Speakers of English: 900 million
Angļu valoda


Aleksandrs Kirillovs

Aleksandrs Kirillovs

Language taught:

English (A1–B2)

Auxiliary languages:

Latvian, Russian


Several years teaching English, translation studies at Ventspils University College.

Methods offered:

In-person instruction at House of Languages in Riga

distance education via online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, similar programs)

About Aleksandrs:

Aleksandrs is unfadingly curios about world and culture, and you can meet him at concerts of almost every musical genre,...​

…as well as at the discussions on some socially urgent topics.

Aleksandrs began teaching English in the windy West of Latvia, in Liepaja. That fresh breeze eventually brought him to Riga, where he continues to teach language to learners at various levels. Since fall 2019, he works at House of Languages also as a project manager. Aleksandrs is never bored. He believes a good sign of having delivered quality instruction is when both the student and teacher leave with new insights on the language and also with new insights on themselves, on life, and on society.

One standard lesson is 45 minutes long. Longer lessons are also possible. The longer the lesson or length of series, the greater the discount!