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Danish pronunciation is unique: if in other languages words are distinguished by their consonants, vowel nuances play the decisive role in Danish. For the same reason, the language sounds as gentle and sweet as a stream flowing through a lush meadow.

When it comes to vowels, the Danish alphabet includes three wacky characters: æ, ø, and å. Knowing Danish will also help you understand Norwegian and Swedish. In Iceland it’s common for school kids to study Danish. And besides, haven’t you ever dreamt of reading Hans Christian Andersen’s tales in their original language?

Dāņu valoda
  • Native Speakers of Danish: 6 million
  • Other Speakers of Danish: 700,000


Jevgeņija Frīdvalde

Jevgeņija Frīdvalde

Language taught:

Danish (A1–B1)

Auxiliary languages:

English, Latvian, Russian


The author of Culture Cult (Kultūrkults) language acquisition concept, Jevgeņija has several years of teaching experience. She studied Danish at the Latvian Academy of Culture.

Methods offered:

In-person instruction at House of Languages in Riga

distance education via online video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, similar programs)

About Jevgeņija:

Humankind, language, and culture are closely intertwined. It’s these nuances that have fascinated...

…Jevgeņija since her childhood. You can say she was destined to attend the Latvian Academy of Culture to study the Danish language and international cultural relations. Later she developed her arts-and-culture-centered language acquisition method in the Culture Cult project.

At House of Languages, Jevgeņija is an instructor and the Head of Pedagogical Work. Jevgeņija says language does not exist in a vacuum. Therefore, she believes that it’s culture which provides one of the simplest and most pleasant entries into a new language.

One standard lesson is 45 minutes long. Longer lessons are also possible. The longer the lesson or length of series, the greater the discount!