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Conversation of teachers on June 3, 2021


Language teachers always appear cool and relaxed, like someone who is able to handle any problem a pupil might face. But to achieve this, teachers work diligently, and they can sometimes feel lonely; the best answer to the problems they encounter often cannot be found immediately. We have a solution!

The Centre of Excellence in Language Acquisition and Teaching (CELAT) invites teachers to join its conversation and support club at House of Languages. It’s an opportunity to share experiences, discover new teaching approaches and solutions to problems. We meet on Zoom, where we talk, discuss, and inspire one another!

Over time participants will be able to influence the content of the club, but as of now we have planned to read some interesting and useful articles (before meeting) that we can discuss, as well as give short presentations about language acquisition and teaching topics. An essential part of the club is sharing experiences and having conversations in which we can ask questions and give advice to our colleagues, or discuss the difficulties of language teaching. There is also the option to share your teaching materials as well as acquire those of others.

One meeting is approximately an hour and a half long.

Club participants meet biweekly. To increase the scope of our knowledge and the possible number of participating teachers, every other meeting is held in English.

Free admission.

List of themes (every second conversation is in English)
  • 6.05. Valodu apguves faktori: ko pasniedzējs var ietekmēt?
  • 20.05. The role of pronunciation and how to integrate it in other themes
  • 3.06. Teksta žanru dažādība kā resurss un nepieciešamība valodas apguvē
  • 17.06. How to help the learners with the acquisition of usage of prepositions.
  • 01.07. Kā izmantot mācēna dzimto valodu kā resursu valodu apguvē
  • 15.07. How to train fluency
  • 29.07. Integrētā mācību satura un valodas apguve (CLIL)
  • 12.08. How to train listening skills